PPSU Premium Bottle Without Handles


The Kidsme PPSU Premium Bottle combines an innovative design with the best materials available. PPSU is durable, safe, lightweight, and highly heat tolerant, making it perfect for repeated bottle sterilization. All of those reasons help make the PPSU Premium Bottle the ideal choice over other plastic and glass bottles on the market.

Special Features:

  • Naturally-shaped silicone nipple eases the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.
  • Wide-neck bottle, easy for cleaning and filling.
  • Premium PPSU material boasts of superb clarity, impact and chemical resistance, and resilience to daily sterilization.
  • Comfortable slim shape.

UPC 4 oz Green/Yellow: 4893014871010
UPC 4 oz Pink/Purple: 4893014871003
UPC 4 oz Blue: 4893014870150

UPC 8 oz Green/Yellow: 4893014871058
UPC 8 oz Pink/Purple: 4893014871041
UPC 8 oz Blue: 4893014869598

UPC 10 oz Green/Yellow: 4893014871072

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