Toy Information

The Soft Grip Listen and Learn Ball is a tactile learning toy that delights children. Press two of the raised surfaces to listen to four different animal sounds, recognize different shapes and colors, and of have fun rolling and playing with the ball!

  • Ball makes 4 different animal sounds.
  • Listen and learn teaches cause and effect.
  • Textured silicone makes for different teething surfaces.
  • Teaches sound and color recognition.

"I like how the ball is so light weighted with the size of an adult's fist. It also has grips so baby can pick it up easily, hold on to it and chew. The grips are not that hard so it's comfortable enough for babies to chew. I think this is perfect for her little fingers and to fine tune her motor skills. My baby likes to hear the different animal sounds and ponders. I would recommend this product for babies who started teething so they can play and chew all day long!" - Sonia


This unique rattle gives hours of fun with constant movement and sliding beads. The different surface textures aid fine and gross motor skills, and sooth gums during teething as well.

  • Textured surface soothes sore gums.
  • Twisting feature helps develop gross motor skills.
  • Teaches sound and color recognition.
  • Easy to grasp.

"This rattle is about 5 inches in height and about 1-2 inches in diameter. The chime sounds like a slightly muffled bell. It can take a lickin'. My eight month banged it on all sorts of things like tables, the highchair, other toys, the floor and everything else he could. It is still in same condition as when I took it out of package. My son loves the sound it makes when banged around. He did take it in the bath, which I really wouldn't recommend since you can't see inside or get water out if it gets in (I used my hair dryer to dry it). The handle is made of a hard plastic-like material with bumps all over, perfect for soothing gums when teething. My son used the handle to cut his last tooth through. I really enjoy the rattle." - Malissa


This adorable dragonfly has 6 different teething surfaces, makes soft rattle sounds, and if you pull the ring the toy will gently shake.

  • Easy grip handle and gentle rattling sound.
  • 6 different teething surfaces.
  • Helps develop fine and gross motor skills.
  • Help teaches cause and effect.