Straw Sippy Cup Information



Kidsme’s Straw Sippy Cup is made with Eastman Tritan™, featuring odor and stain resistance, high durability, and exceptional clarity. The flip-flop lid also keeps the straw clean and the cup leak proof. Odor and stain resistant.


Our Straw Sippy Cup is also available with a weighted straw. This straw allows children to drink comfortable while in a vertical position.


"This is a perfect first time straw for baby. I love the way it's built, there's a lot of thought process that went into making this straw cup." - Axa on Amazon

"Absolutely LOVE this sippy cup! My son loves these and I love that they are super easy to clean. The straws are clear, not frosted, so it's easy to make sure there is nothing stuck in them. They are also super easy to take apart, wash and put back together. They are seriously strong cups and well made." - Amazon Customer

All other sippy cups will not allow the child to drink the last bit of liquid in the bottom of the cup. The straws are just not long enough. The Kidsme brand has resolved that exact issue. The little white ball at the end of the cup and the flexibility of the straw allows the child to move the cup and straw around sucking up all the liquid." - Tressa on Amazon