My Turn Spoon and Fork Set Information

Children can participate in mealtime discoveries with the award winning Kidsme My Turn Spoon and Fork Set. The uniquely designed, ergonomic, and colorful handles help children learn how to eat using utensils by themselves.

"These are so perfect for any toddler learning to feed themselves. Easy to clean, and the decals don't wash off after a couple uses. I loved them and my daughter did as well. The only fork she uses!" - Amanda Johnson

"Once the Kidsme spoon & fork arrived, we practiced with my 12-mo. old on two occasions, and after that he was able to eat apple sauce and yogurt with the spoon by himself! YAY!" - Ellen S.

"These are reasonably priced and were great for the period where my son had difficulty using a regular spoon/fork, but still wanted to be independent. My son is strong willed, so being able to use this fork/spoon set was great." - Katherine S.