Moo Moo Soother Information

The Moo Moo Soother is an award winning teether designed to comfort gums by using medical-grade textured silicone that is soft and safe. It also works as an ice pop when you fill the cap only to the line with your child’s favorite drink/puree and then freeze it.

  • Recommended for 3 months and up as a teether.
  • Recommended for 9 months and up as an ice pop.
  • Easy to hold handle with appealing cow pattern.
  • Travel friendly cap to keep the soother clean.
  • —Food-grade silicone comforts sore gums.
  • Can be kept cool in a refrigerator or freezer.


"This little doo-dad is super cool! I love that I can make little milk-cicles with it, but it can be a teether too!! My little guy approves!!" - Tasha Royals

"This is the most adorable soother I've ever seen. The handle is just the right size for baby to hold. On top of that this is a high quality product." - DarnHeather