Food Feeder Information

Our award winning Food Feeder is the original silicone feeder developed to let little ones safely and independently explore new tastes and textures. Its innovative, yet simple, design helps introduce fresh foods at an early age, and gives babies a head start towards a lifetime of healthy eating.

We carry two interchangeable sac sizes, medium and large. The medium is designed for ages 4 months and up, while the large is for 6 months and up. As a child grows, they can easily be transitioned to the large sac. Though the medium still works great for quick snacks!

"I let Maclane have at it at dinner time this evening and with it's easy to grasp handles and soft flexible tip, it was the perfect aid to stuffing that little belly of his full of food. And when he was done? I simply rinsed it in the sink and scrubbed the inside with a small bottle brush and wham. Clean and ready for the next use." - I Love You More Than Carrots

"Great product. Much easier to clean then the kind of feeders that have a mesh bag in place of the silicone. I like that it comes with a cap and I attached a pacifier clip and ribbon to it so my little one can't throw it on the ground. I have one for home and one in the diaper bag." - Amazon Customer