Sonia's Food Pouch Adaptor Review! February 10, 2017 09:00

This Food Pouch Adaptor takes baby feeding to another new level. The package includes two pairs of adaptors, so the parts can be exchangeable for different colors. Each adaptor consists of three components, which is easy to assembly onto most food pouches. Prioritizing on safety issue, I like how this adaptor is securely screwed onto the pouch so it won't detach. They are also big enough so that baby will not swallow the parts. The mouth piece can be stretched, so that it can accommodate the size of the baby's mouth and how much food to hold. It is also made of silicone so it is very soft, and I can wash and sanitize it easily.

I believe this is a good product to promote self-feeding while controlling the messiness in the feeding. I would recommend this product to babies who can hold objects steadily.