WINNER for Baby of the Month - May June 01, 2015 11:00

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Baby of the Month contest! We’re proud to announce that our winner for May is allyssabelle! Her adorable picture, along with her heartwarming message on the adventure of motherhood, really captures the meaning of Mother’s Day and our Baby and Mommy theme for this month!

?"Mothering is… an adventure." I reflect back on my early twenties, train-hopping my way through Europe. I carried a backpack with a few days of clothes, a toothbrush, passport, and a map. Today, I carry an even larger bag filled with diapers, sippy cups, cheerios, band-aids- basically, an entire week’s worth of anything and everything needed to raise a baby in the wild. I had 20 euros in my pocket and ate bread and sardines paired with cheap boxed wine. Nowadays, I check my daughter’s 529 account as often as I check my email and I’ve slowly become a wine snob. I craved to see the world and absorb every morsel of something new and uknown. I wasn’t afraid of getting lost because I wanted to find myself through the process. Has that all disappeared? Not necessarily. Adventuring has taken an entirely new definition. Mothering is an adventure as I have been blessed with the opportunity to watch my daughter grow each day. Like seeing a new sight or visiting a new museum for the first time, it’s the beauty in all of Betty’s “first-time” actions or words that leave me amazed. Her first tooth, her first time going down a slide, her first ice cream cone… it’s all exciting. Each day is an adventure filled with a symphony of her tiny and joyful giggles while I find myself laughing till my stomach aches. Mothering is an adventure because of the unpredictability that lies. We have our daily routine which begins with morning hugs, eating bananas and oatmeal while watching Sesame Street. But it’s all the little surprises that occur in between like having dance parties in our kitchen, or walking in on Betty stuffing packets of ketchup down her diaper. These are the best moments. Each day brings something different and that excitement acts as fuel to not only be a better person, but more importantly, the best mother I can be to her. My past experiences were their own adventure and they are filed away in it’s own separate chapter in my book. I carried Betty in my womb for nine months and she is now just over sixteen months. I have many, many more years to share with my sweet girl and in my opinion, mothering is the best adventure of them all. ? #acmotheringphotocontest

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