Meet Michelle! September 29, 2016 06:00

I am a teacher turned stay at home mom for the time being. I have a little boy who is a few months old, and he is quickly growing! He keeps me on my toes, and it is a joy to see him explore the world. We love going on family outings to the park or for walks along the shoreline. During my free time, I like to make up stories from my son’s point of view. You can find them on www.mamaswithmunchkins.com and connect with me on Instagram @mamaswithmunchkins.

I first decided to try Kidsme when I saw it on Zulily and have been in love ever since. I like items that are useful and practical, and I believe that Kidsme aims for their products to do just that. I love their feeders for on the go solids since I make my own baby food with breastmilk and keeping it cool can be a task. I also love their scissors/masher combo. When we go out as a family to the park or to family events, I will often grab the scissors/masher, feeder, and some fresh fruit for our little one. We have found that they’re also wonderful for small items with skins like blueberries because the skins get left behind. My son loves being able to feed himself and has gotten much better at coordinating to put things in his mouth. He now also tries to put spoons in his mouth and feed himself. I now recommend Kidsme to all my friends.