Melanie's Food Squeezer Review! April 30, 2015 13:34

At 5 months old, Wallace is now ready for solid foods (insert tears here). I’d been wondering how I was going to be able to keep costs down while adding baby food to our grocery bill, when I came across the Kidsme Food Squeezer. With this handy baby feeding tool, you can use the fruits and vegetables you have to feed your baby without having to buy the bottles of puree from the store. That was quite appealing to me.

So Wallace had some bananas as his inaugural meal.

And he loved them!

The food squeezer was so easy to load and use and Wallace loved chewing on it! I think this makes the transition so much easier on the baby. I’m hoping by slowly introducing new tastes he won’t be completely confused when I shove a spoon in his mouth. Then when he gets older he can hold it himself!

I absolutely love this design and everything about this product. It’s easy to use and will help me save money.