Lorianne's Sippy Cup with Weighted Straw Review! January 04, 2016 14:08

Our family reviewed the Kidsme Straw Sippy Cup with Weighted Straw over the holidays and I have to say it is one of the best straw cups in the market. We have tried other brands and found that they either leak, the straw doesn't catch all the liquid at the bottom, or there are too many pieces to the straw attachment. 

The straw cup comes with the cup, lid and two pieces to the straw.  The straw was very easy to put together and we were impressed with how sturdy the cup and straw were. We mostly fill our sippy cups with water but we did use it with milk and apple juice. On occasion, our 1 year old used it with dinner and I was amazed at how stain resistant the straw was. It even stood up to the tough stains of pizza and spaghetti sauce.  

We were also amazed at how durable this cup is.  Our son dropped it a few times while playing in the park, in our backyard and on our hardwood floors and it didn't even scratch it. As a mom, I especially liked how large the cup is and how much liquid it can hold. The cup itself is slightly heavier than other sippy cups in the market but it is extremely durable.  

The weighted straw feature and built in handles makes using the cup at any angle easy for little ones. I especially love the fact that it is 100% leak proof and it has a flip top to keep the straw clean. Both my 14 month old and my 3 year old love the Kidsme Straw Sippy Cup with Weighted Straw. Whether they were running around at the park, playing in the backyard, or sitting on the couch watching a TV show, this cup was perfect.  

The Kidsme Straw Sippy Cup with weighted straw comes in blue, purple/pink, and green/yellow. It is a definite must-have for little ones.