Lorianne's Food Feeder Review! April 30, 2015 13:34

As a new parent, it is hard to determine which baby products are a necessity and which are just nice to look at...well, I can say that after two kids the Kidsme Food Feeder has been one of our top ten baby (and toddler) essentials! 

We learned about the Food Feeder from one of my mommy friends. I asked for tips to help with teething on Facebook...and I'm so glad I did. The Kidsme Food Feeder is great not only for teething but also provides a fun vessel for snacking. The handles make it easy for little fingers to hold at an early age. Our boys were able to start holding it around 4 months! I started with breastmilksicles! Yes, I said it...breastmilksicles! I filled the ice cube tray (about 1/3 full in each cube fits the large feeder) with breastmilk and voila...a perfect and natural solution for achy gums. 

When our boys started solids, I put everything from watermelon, avocado, grapes, bananas, blueberries, and peas. It's a great treat and keeps baby busy while I am preparing dinner. 

It is also the perfect summertime snack. I love freezing fresh berries or grapes and then popping them into the feeder for a sweet and delicious treat.  I recently started making Greek yogurt fruitscicles. I mixed Greek yogurt with strawberries then put it in ice cube trays to freeze. Our boys love them! And I love that I am giving them a healthy treat without the added sugar of regular popsicles.

Okay, now the best part (at least for me anyways)...it is super easy to clean and I love that I can replace the silicone sac. Since our baby started solids we even keep one in the diaper bag...we seriously take this with us everywhere!

I'm so thankful my friend recommended the Kidsme Food Feeder to us. After two kids I can truly appreciate products that make my life easier and that my kids like to use.